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Do you want to take a short-term loan? Are you considering out-of-bank offers?
CREDITEO ( is the best website to consider if you need advice or want to compare offers of various lending companies. Our website provides you with data, tools, counsel and comprehensive analyses of the loan market, so you can make sound and profitable financial decisions.
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About us

CREDITEO ( is a website that provides our Clients with advice on out-of-bank loans, both short-term and with instalment. We have tools that give you the ability to compare offers of various lending companies. We collect data and analyse offers from a multitude of out-of-bank loaners and make sure they are all up to date. We do all this so you can take your loan safely and at the most satisfying conditions.
We take care of our Clients by providing them with tried and most effective solutions. We offer help if you plan to take your first out-of-bank loan, and also if you are in financial trouble due to previous incorrect decisions. We believe that every situation can be fixed and wish to turn even a disaster – into SUCCESS.


CREDITEO is a website that offers you a possibility to compare offers, prices and conditions of a wide range of lending companies that offer their services online. That includes both short-term and instalment out-of-bank loans. As our database grows, we wish to expand our areas of operation, to cover more demand on the market. Our success is a direct result of the hard work and determination our people put into it, as well as their ability to think on their feet and stay motivated.

How do we work?

Here on CREDITEO we give you tools that allow for an extensive comparison of all types of loans. Pros and cons, prices and contract terms of short-term and instalment out-of-bank loans. We also provide you with an application form that you may fill out online and receive your very first loan at a moments notice and without additional cost.

Credibility is our Motto

CREDITEO employees research, learn, verify and analyse online data on all the lending companies and present you with reliable and objective knowledge of out-of-bank loans offered by the most trustworthy companies. We constantly make sure that all information on our website is verified and up-to-date, so our Clients can make responsible decisions based on factual data.

We are straightforward and we fully explain all nuances of the business, even things that are usually written on contract forms with “fine print”. We advise on how to find the best solutions, what mistakes to avoid and how to take a loan as cheaply as possible.

We will tell you whether your loan is going to be a hit, and we won’t hide if we think it’s better for you to find another way to help your home budget.

Things you need to keep in mind when making financial decisions

Taking out a quick out-of-bank loan – or any loan – Is a decision that should be made after careful and thorough consideration. The consequences of a decision made in haste can be dire and long-lasting.

It is important to read the contract carefully and with attention. Most loans are required to be returned in full and with interest, within a maximum of 60 days. Before you sign such contract make sure you will be able to have the required amount in that time.

Failure to return your loan on time may result in punitive costs resulting directly from the contract terms. The lender may also use assistance of an external debt collection company and even assert their rights in front of the court.
The lending companies often cooperate with national and international institutions that keep databases of debtors – so called “black lists”. Before taking a short-term loan or an instalment loan, you should be aware of that and of what the danger is, should you find yourself on such a list.

Such an entry may hinder your ability to take any loan in the future, but that is not all. Many phone companies, mobile operators and internet providers also check with databases like those, before signing their contracts with individual customers.

Also, before you choose a lending company, make sure that the one you have selected has a stable, well-established position on the market, is trustworthy and has positive customer feedback. A very good solution would be to use the Ranking List of Lending Companies, that is available right here, on CREDITEO (
Because we promote responsible loan taking, we only support solid, reliable lending companies.

To sum it up, before you sign the contract with a lending company, read it thoroughly, paying special attention to such things as: costs of borrowing money, the possibility of early payment of your loan, the possibility to withdraw from the loan agreement and consequences associated with late return of the money.

Take your loans wisely. The resources on CREDITEO ( are available to you at hand’s reach to help you make the best of all your opportunities.